The Malta Scrabble Club celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2009. It was way back in May 1984 that two young ladies by the name of Angele Borg and Catherine Patiniott founded the Club. Angele Andrews (nee Borg) became the first Club President and the Club has never looked back since then.

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Chic, lunar & pyrotechnic

Scicluna & Pirotta are the Stars of Phase 1 of Autumn Scrabble Leagues 2019. The sombre hues of the  Auburn Autumn League  took on a brighter tinge as Maria Scicluna (photo) and Kevin Pirotta (photo) outshone and eclipsed stronger opponents to book their place in Phase 2.  Ranked bottom of her group, Scicluna broke the hierarchy as she won three games out of four off second and third...

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