Eportsperson of the Year Award 2018&2019

Result of Election for Sportsperson 2017

FAIR PLAY is something the Malta Scrabble Club strives to achieve in all its competitive events. It does so by ensuring that players are matched fairly on the basis of their relative player rating and/or position in the provisional standings. 


But Fair Play is also determined by the individual player's attitude. Players who play fairly always play to the best of their ability, always play to the rules and expected standards of conduct, and are mature and respectful of their opponents in their reactions to any competitive outcome. 


To promote a Fair Play attitude among its members, the Malta Scrabble Club awards a prize to the Sportsperson of the Year. The recipient of this prestigious award is decided by a popular vote among all Club members, who are called to judge the sportsmanlike qualities of their fellow members. 

The name of this year's sportsperson will be announced at the below venue at the Annual Presentations Dinner 2018&2019. This underlines the equal importance given by the Club to excellence in competitive play and in FAIR PLAY. 

Venue: The Galley (Restaurant), Ta' Xbiex

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