E 7 plus 13 makes 20 TWENTY!!


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13th Malta International Scrabble Open

7th Seniors World Championship,

Back To Back, Side By Side 


in 2020


2020…..you can hardly help standing in awe of its pure and rare numerical symmetry. If you’re into Scrabble, it just feels right that 2020 is the point in time when the journeys of two competitive events and their participants are set to meet, like celestial bodies crossing orbits.

Organised by the Malta Scrabble Club, the Malta International Scrabble Open, popularly known as MISO, will be marking its first teen edition on 24 April through to 1 May with its characteristic tripartite structure made up of a 1-Day Early Bird, a 3-Day Main Event and a 2-Day Late Bird. 

Immediately behind and alongside MISO13, the seventh edition of the World Seniors Scrabble Championship (SWC7), organised  for players aged 55+ by the indefatigable Karen Richards, celebrates the endless longevity of those who play Scrabble. 

The point in space where the youth of MISO meets the maturity of SWC is Malta, a small island positioned bang in the middle of the Mediterranean sea, kissed by warm weather, sunny skies and a millennial history. 

Are you ready to take the risk of not being around when the Scrabble stars are perfectly aligned again in 2121? Enter now.


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(penned & published by Nicky Vella Laurenti, photo credit: John Chew)

Venue: Golden Tulip Vivaldi Hotel, St Julian's, Malta

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