Et Paul's Shipwreck 1-Day Tournament

Their love of the game is such that if they could they would play all day. On most days, they can't, but on those odd days when the nation celebrates a secular or religious feast with a public holiday, play Scrabble all day save for a few culinary intermezzos is exactly what players of competitive Scrabble in Malta are up to. 


The first 1-Day Tournament on Malta's Scrabble calendar falls on 10 February, which commemorates St Paul's Shipwreck on, hence the advent of Christianity to, the Maltese Islands. As the first tournament of its kind in the competitive season, it is eagerly looked forward to by those playing in the weekly league schedule, notably the Malta National Scrabble Championship, and possibly more eagerly by those who are not. 


Click here to see who's in for the tournament and here to see who's in for lunch.


(penned & published by Nicky Vella Laurenti, photo credit: John Chew)

Venue: Cafeteria, University Residence

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