Ennual General Meeting 2019

Article 7 of the Club Statute mandates that "An Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the members of the Club shall be held once a year". 


The AGM for 2019 will be held on Thursday 12 March @ 5.30-6.45pm. 


As per 7B of the Club Statute, the Agenda of the AGM shall be as follows: 

  1. Approval of the (pre-circulated) minutes of the last AGM. (see pdf below)

  2. Tabling of (pre-circulated) Annual Report drawn up by Strategy Committee (including detailed presentation of Club’s reviewed accounts) 

  3. Comments on the Annual Report by the outgoing President 

  4. Open discussion on the Annual Report

  5. Approval of Annual Report

  6. Election of reviewers for the following year

  7. Motions, counter-motions, amendments and counter-amendments, if any, to be discussed and voted upon 

  8. Considering and approving or rejecting all new by-laws and amendments to by- laws which the Strategy Committee may have passed since the last General Meeting.

  9. Receiving the resignation of the President, the Strategy Committee and the Case Committee.

  10. Election of the new committees and President

  11. Selection of election board for the following year

  12. Other matters 

Venue: Club Premises, Floriana