Ealta International Scrabble Open-10th edition

Latest news about MIS0th


2017 will be a milestone edition of the MISO, the tenth (MIS0th) since the maiden edition in 2008. 

To mark this milestone, the Malta Scrabble Club is building on the success of the past whilst doing things a bit differently.
The event will retain the 2015-2016 structure, with a one-day Early Bird (28 Apr), a three-day Main Event (29 Apr - 1 May), a tourISMO (excursion on 2 May), and a two-day Late Bird (3-4 May). 
For the first time ever, MIS0th will be staged in Malta's prime tourist village, the highly vibrant St Julian's.
The venue is the be.Hotel, a recently totally refurbished hotel which is part of the Bay Street Complex. Be.Hotel is a 4-star hotel that is equipped with a very spacious and modern conference hall that enjoys some very scenic aerial views of the sea and which will serve as a backdrop to the tournaments. 
In terms of content, time, method and place, MIS0th has all the ingredients to be a memorable event worthy of a special anniversary. 
Provisional List of Entrants:   Early Bird   Main Event   Late Bird

Venue: be.Hotel, Bay Street, St George's Bay, St Julian's, Malta

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