Eore stumbles and a tumble

The league of the fall is living up to its name. After a bumpy first phase, the second phase of Autumn League 1 has not been any smoother for the top seeds and title favourites.


Top seed and reigning National Champion David Delicata faltered more than once before finally securing first place in his group. 


Second seed Charles Micallef looked set for a first-place berth in the semifinals before losing 2-0 in his last round-robin match against fourth seed Mario Saliba (seen right of photo). This unexpected result has led to Micallef having to face off against Delicata in the semi-final, and, more dramatically, to third seed Moira Fenech tumbling out of contention for a prize-winning finish. 


With Saliba meeting fifth seed Christine Strawbridge in the other best-of-five-games semi-final, it would be natural to see the big semi between Delicata and Micallef as the match that will decide the ultimate winner of the league. But with all the bumbling and stumbling witnessed so far, the league of the fall may well hold yet another great tumble in store.  


(penned & published by Nicky Vella Laurenti)