Eore play out from new springs

The gush of MISO 11, powerful and captivating, naturally petered out into a lull. But nobody was in any doubt that the moment when Scrabble activity started flowing out again would come very soon. Just a week on from the international bonanza, that moment is now with two parallel Spring Leagues running from May 14 till June 25. 


In Spring League 1, Nicky Vella Laurenti (shown in action in photo) is keen to shake off a desultory start to the season by living up to his status as top seed in order to claim his second league victory following his maiden one late last year. The stiffest challenge in his way is Moira Fenech, who has so far played more and better, especially on the domestic front


Former National Champion Sammy Mangion is the favourite in Spring League 2 where he will need to overcome the challenge posed by veteran player Frans Farrugia, who was the better player in the National Championship


(penned & published by Nicky Vella Laurenti)