Ehakes and ladders

A group of players vertically arranged from top to bottom on the basis of past success. Fast forward seven rounds of play and what you get is a noticeably changed order. 


This is the story of the 1-Day Tournament organised by the Malta Scrabble Club on June 29, a day when the second seed Charles Micallef (seen in photo), despite losing the direct encounter with reigning National Champion Theresa Brousson, beat the top seed to first place by a one-game margin; a day when third seed Moira Fenech was stationary in her final placing but regained seventh spot from Spring League Champion Christine Strawbridge on the National Player Ratings List; and a day when Kevin Pirotta won the Ratings Prize to continue his steady rise to the middle of the rankings.


(Click here for final standings.)


(penned & published by Nicky Vella Laurenti, photo editing by Bryan Priest)