Eriple Jumper Jo

5th strongest participant, 13th strongest player. 


Jump forward to the end of Thursday December 13, 2018, Malta's Republic Day and date of the Yearend 1-Day Scrabble Tournament to find Josephine Mayo (see photo) placed further ahead as the 2nd best-performing participant and as Malta's number 10 player


Landing immediately in front of and behind Mayo were respectively the top seed Mario Saliba, who took just one false step to claim the title, and the second seed Moira Fenech, who finished level on points with Mayo in third.


A good jump allowed the seventh seed, Paul Mifsud, to land in fifth overall and 'seaze' (see Word of the Month, right) the Ratings Prize.


(penned & published by Nicky Vella Laurenti, Promotions Operational Team)